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PZ-2017-060 - 5485 Peachtree Blvd Master Signage Plan


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This request is an after-the-fact request.  A sign permit was issued for the free-standing monument sign without an approved, recorded Master Signage Plan.  This sign is currently under construction.  In addition, several wall sign permits were accepted.  All of the signs meet the dimensional requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  However, no sign permits should have been issued without an approved, recorded Master Signage Plan.  A review of City records did not result in any documentation that the developer or property owner was notified of this requirement.  The development is not large enough to trigger ARB or City Council review through the DCI or PUD process which would have required information regarding signage.  However, all planned centers, including the subject development, require Master Signage Plans according to the UDO.



Staff recommends APPROVAL of the amended Master Signage Plan, subject to the following condition:

1.              All signs requiring a permit must be in substantial conformance with the Master Signage Plan for 5485 Peachtree Blvd with a revision date of September 20, 2016.



The Architectural Design Review Board (ARB) met and reviewed this application at its regular meeting on March 7, 2017. The ARB voted to recommend APPROVAL to the Mayor and Council with the condition recommended by staff.