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GIS Services


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The City entered into an annual contract for GIS software with ESRI in 2015 for $35,000 per year.  This price is determined based on the population of the city.  In the same year, the City selected Keets (KCS) to provide maintenance of data sets and create an online backup of all data for $36,500 per year.  KCS provides training to city staff on how to use GIS, but does not assist with the creation of maps.  The city purchased equipment to locate and geo tag public infrastructure, but lacks the staff knowledge and time to create maps from the data.  As a result, while we have data sets in our system, we are not able to utilize them.  In addition, we have no public facing maps.



GIS mapping has been a tool for governments to analyze data to make better decisions.  Now, it is becoming more integrated into municipal websites to provide residents and prospective residents and businesses with insights on everything from services offered to emergency response.  In some Georgia communities, GIS recently was utilized to keep residents informed on what roads were open during icy conditions.


Related Issues:

Staff met with KCS to determine if additional services could be added to the existing contract.  While KCS did offer to provide more mapping assistance on an hourly per project/task order basis, the work would be performed in their home office in Alabama with some check-in meetings in Chamblee.  


Our I.T. services provider, InterDev, currently holds GIS Services contracts with Brookhaven, Decatur, Dunwoody, Tucker and Sandy Springs among others.  InterDev’s service model includes placing trained staff within each city while pooling those resources to work on large projects.  In this way, the City receives the benefit of a staff person who becomes knowledgeable of the city’s expectations and can provide immediate support on projects while also having a team of resources available for more complex work.



Staff proposes to augment the $71,500 currently budgeted in the General Fund with an additional $103,000 from the Storm Water Management Enterprise Fund to contract with InterDev for providing GIS services, including one FTE on-site at the city.  The SWME Fund has a budgeted surplus of $254,988 this year.  The on-site person will be located at the public works facility three days per week to map the storm water system.  The position will be located in the Development Department two days per week to assist with other projects.