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Special Events - Streets, Sidewalks, and other Public Spaces


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  2. Chapter 78 -Streets, Sidewalks, and other Public Places - March 2017 amendments (This file has not yet been converted to a viewable format)



These proposed changes are necessary to implement a new special event permitting process. These changes will allow for a clearer process for special events that occur in Chamblee.




Chamblee’s existing codes defines “special events” as “any activity scheduled in downtown Chamblee that requires the use of public property and/or Chamblee Centennial Park and which impacts local businesses and/or attracts a crowd of 100 or more.” Other events that occur on public property or on private property that impact the public are not currently addressed, aside from parades and picketing.

The changes outlined here include procedures for events that draw members of the public - whether the events are public or private ones, or occur on public or private property, depending on their level of impact to the public. There are exemptions for public assemblies and other acts protected by the First Amendment.



The new process is designed to off-set the cost of city services by requiring events to pay for those services. Events may be co-sponsored by the City and receive certain services for free, but only after review and approval by City Council. These changes are expected to be revenue-neutral to the budget.